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News Desk – The hospitality industry is not only the fastest growing in the world but is also offering some really great opportunities to professionals from around the world in various avenues and sectors as well.

The role of this industry being varied and globally influencing calls for a lot of commitment and dedication coupled with creativity and service with a smile. The food and hospitality industry has seen a lot of trending developments in recent times especially post covid and it has been overwhelming to see the food industry boom at a much faster pace now.

The accommodation and luxury segment of hotels, theme events, destination weddings and more has been the latest picks of the season. To be different from others and to have a unique selling point or some quality frame which fits one into it perfectly is one of the mantras to success in the hospitality industry.

Dr. Kaviraj Khialani is one such name who has been serving this competitive industry in various verticals and allied applications for over 25 years now.

Besides having received various certifications from Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, University of Ireland to name a few he has been a resounding name in the five-star hotel industry in India & has also been a Sky Chef with Kuwait Airways.

Chef Kaviraj is a consultant, food designer, creative cuisine specialist & is a master at over 33 plus international cuisines and the list just keeps getting better as years pass by. He has been into the training & development sector as well since over 20 years now where he not only is an active & avid teacher who mentors, coaches and trains budding professionals but also grooms them on event management and tourism related activities as well.

Dr. Kaviraj is also listed on the Board of Studies for curriculum design to bridge the gap between the industry & academia for various colleges, training centre’s & universities across India. An author of several books starting from Arabic Cookery in the year 2004, first of its kind in India, kept him on the move to pen down several others from Filipino Cooking, 100 ways with Fusion Foods, Lockdown Cooking, The Millet Melange Cookbook to be launched soon & his current ongoing title Life of a Hotel Management Student wherein he will be speaking about the how’s – what’s – why’s and when’s in order to complete education in hospitality management and how to be a successful brand for the future.

Icon of India Award 2023 is yet another cap in the Master Chef’s hat and his continued drive and passion to keep doing more and more has a number of things lined up for 2024. This award not only is a motivating factor for the Culinary Guru but for all those who wish to or aspire to & want to be setting examples for students and professionals for the future.

“I am truly touched, overwhelmed, happy & honoured receiving the Icon of India Award 2023, wish to extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the team who thought I was
worthy enough to be offered this is one more day of my life where it makes me feel that there is a lot more to do and offer to the community in order to make a little difference in their well-being, careers and a brighter future.

We must remember that every single effort made from our end shall make a difference and will impact our industry in a number of ways. On a positive note, I would like to extend my best wishes to all for a much better and happier 2024 for all of us.”

Gaurav Gawai
Gaurav Gawai
गौरव गजानन गवई हे महाव्हॉइस न्यूजचे सह-संस्थापक आहेत आणि रायटर आणि ग्राफिक डिझायनर म्हणूनही ते गेल्या पाच वर्षापासून काम करतात. त्यांना महाव्हॉइस न्यूजमध्ये ग्राफिक डिझायनिंग आणि कंटेंट रायटिंगचा मजबूत अनुभव आहे.

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