Vilas Bhambedkar

MUMBAI: AIMIM president and MP Asad Owaisi met the Maharashtra governor at raj Bhavan today to discuss about various issues  concerning the minorities. Governor Mr Vidyasagar Rao assured the MP of considering his demands and appreciated his porposal of setting up the country's first skills university for minorities.

Mr owaisi who was accompanied by his two party MLAs imtiaz jaleel and waris pathan suggested that the university could be set up in aurangabad or pune on wakf land and said that if the government fails to fund the project then the community will raise finances through donations. 


The governor impressed by the proposal said he will take it up with the state and central government.

Mr owaisi also apprised the governor about wakf properties that have been illegally transferred and encroached. He said all such cases should be handed over to CID and apponting either an IAS or IPS as ceo of the board.

He also brought to the notice of the governor the shortage of staff in different departments under the minority welfare ministry. He also informed about the pittance salary that is given to the staff of maulana azad finance corporation.

Mr Owaisi also highlighted how all departments under the minority ministry are headed by officials who are holding additional charge.

Mr Vidyasagar rao assured the delegation of holding a meeting with concerned officials soon to address the problems of minoroties.



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